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Initiative Cloud Services Made in Germany
In der Initiative Cloud Services Made in Germany haben sich in Deutschland ansässige Anbieter von Cloud Services zusammengeschlossen mit dem Ziel, für mehr Rechtssicherheit zu sorgen
  • Last time updated: 27/04/2011

Cloud Computing Simplificado « Infinite
Hospedagem para websites/apps com segurança, escalabilidade & alta velocidade. Tudo o que você precisa, sem esgotar seu orçamento.
  • Google+: 102148998315460779102
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  • Last time updated: 28/04/2017
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  • Date of registration: 21/08/2015 - Magic: the Gathering value and price guide for Ebay, Amazon and hobby stores!
Fast, accurate prices for Magic: the Gathering cards
  • Google Analytics: 15740029-4
  • Last time updated: 29/10/2016
  • Expected expiration: 28/10/2017
  • Date of registration: 28/10/2011
Aruba Cloud: Cloud Computing, Cloud Server e VPS, Storage e Backup |
Benvenuti su, il sito di Aruba dedicato al Cloud. Qui puoi risparmiare, usando le tue risorse al meglio e senza alcuna limitazione hardware!
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  • Last time updated: 27/04/2017
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  • Date of registration: 04/02/2008
  • Last time updated: 02/08/2016
  • Expected expiration: 03/06/2017
  • Date of registration: 03/06/2016
The Cloud Report | Cloud Computing
The Cloud Computing Report provides in-depth coverage of updated Cloud computing insights. Read the latest news, webinar, events, white paper, and conferences on Cloud computing. Click here to learn more!
  • Google+: 104795079924552291803
  • Google Analytics: 71673348-16
TagCrowd: create your own word cloud from any text
Create your own word cloud from any text to visualize word frequency.
  • Google Analytics: 117822-2
  • Last time updated: 16/07/2016
  • Expected expiration: 16/07/2017
  • Date of registration: 16/07/2006
Home | Frugal Hotspot
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  • Last time updated: 27/11/2015
  • Expected expiration: 17/04/2018
  • Date of registration: 17/04/2011
Online booking system for classes, courses, workshops and events.
We make it easy to take online bookings for ongoing events like classes, courses or workshops. Create a free account and get started in minutes.
  • Google+: +bookwhen
  • Google Analytics: 265850-12
  • Last time updated: 12/04/2017
  • Expected expiration: 29/11/2017
  • Date of registration: 29/11/2008
Clever Cloud - IT Automation Platform - The Ultimate Developers' Efficiency Platform
Clever Cloud provides an IT Automation Platform for developers with bulletproof infrastructure, auto-scaling, fair pricing and an awesome support.
  • Last time updated: 30/06/2016
  • Expected expiration: 05/07/2017
  • Date of registration: 05/07/2010 - Uw strategische hostingpartner
De cloud oplossingen van bieden een high availability voor al uw webapplicaties. brengt het werken in de cloud naar een hoger niveau.
    Fly My Cloud Limited: For All Your Cloud Computing Needs!
    • Google+: +Flymycloud
    • Google Analytics: 66850501-1
    • Last time updated: 10/12/2016
    • Expected expiration: 22/12/2017
    • Date of registration: 22/12/2013
    • Last time updated: 02/08/2016
    • Expected expiration: 03/06/2017
    • Date of registration: 03/06/2016
    20 Things I Learned About Browsers and the Web
    Things you always wanted to know about the web but were afraid to ask. Learn about the web & browsers in this interactive experience created by Google & illustrated by Christoph Niemann.
    • Google Analytics: 19264787-1
    • Last time updated: 02/08/2016
    • Expected expiration: 03/09/2017
    • Date of registration: 03/09/2010
    Fly My Cloud Limited: For All Your Cloud Computing Needs!
    • Google+: +Flymycloud
    • Google Analytics: 66850501-1
    • Last time updated: 07/01/2017
    • Expected expiration: 13/08/2018
    • Date of registration: 13/08/2015
    Cloud computing news -
    Insights, news and analysis for the cloud community.
    • Google Analytics: 25628521-1
    • Last time updated: 09/09/2016
    • Expected expiration: 02/08/2018
    • Date of registration: 02/08/2011
    Angry Birds
    Join Red, Chuck, and Bomb, along with the rest of Bird Island on an adventure to discover what made them so Angry in The Angry Birds Movie.
    • Google+: +AngryBirds
    • Last time updated: 29/11/2016
    • Expected expiration: 13/12/2018
    • Date of registration: 13/12/2009
    Computing - The UK's leading source for the analysis of business technology
    Computing is the leading information resource for UK technology decision makers, providing the latest market news and hard-hitting opinion.
    • Last time updated: 15/01/2017
    • Expected expiration: 14/11/2018
    • Date of registration: 14/11/1996
    • Last time updated: 15/05/2017
    • Expected expiration: 14/05/2018
    • Date of registration: 14/05/2016
    Cloud Zendesk – Cloud Computing
    • Last time updated: 15/03/2017
    • Expected expiration: 14/01/2018
    • Date of registration: 14/01/2017
    Cloud Platform - Cloud computing
    Cloud computing
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    • Last time updated: 29/12/2016
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    • Date of registration: 27/06/2016
    An integrated suite of cloud products, services and solutions | Alibaba Cloud
    Alibaba Cloud (Aliyun) Official Website - Alibaba Cloud offers reliable and secure cloud computing services and solutions at competitive prices. Try for Free.
    • Google+: 113352360570257060531
    • Last time updated: 01/09/2014
    • Expected expiration: 12/06/2021
    • Date of registration: 12/06/2008
    oneclick™: Your Computer in the Browser
    Vollständig automatisiert digitale Arbeitsplätze für Ihr Unternehmen: Lassen Sie sich Ihr persönliches Cloud Computing System von oneclick™ erstellen.
    • Google Analytics: 75197115-1
    • Last time updated: 25/01/2017
    • Expected expiration: 21/02/2020
    • Date of registration: 21/02/2015
    Control Panel - Login
    • Last time updated: 13/04/2017
    • Expected expiration: 03/03/2018
    • Date of registration: 03/03/2016
    Control Panel - Login
    • Last time updated: 13/04/2017
    • Expected expiration: 03/03/2018
    • Date of registration: 03/03/2016
    An integrated suite of cloud products, services and solutions | Alibaba Cloud
    Alibaba Cloud (Aliyun) Official Website - Alibaba Cloud offers reliable and secure cloud computing services and solutions at competitive prices. Try for Free.
    • Google+: 113352360570257060531
    • Last time updated: 28/08/2016
    • Expected expiration: 28/09/2018
    • Date of registration: 28/09/2007
    Google Cloud Computing, Hosting Services & APIs  |  Google Cloud Platform
    Google Cloud Platform lets you build and host applications and websites, store data, and analyze data on Google's scalable infrastructure.
    • Google+: +googlecloud
    • Last time updated: 26/01/2017
    • Expected expiration: 27/02/2018
    • Date of registration: 27/02/2015 - Uw strategische hostingpartner
    De cloud oplossingen van bieden een high availability voor al uw webapplicaties. brengt het werken in de cloud naar een hoger niveau.
      Qual.IT Cloud - Solutions Cloud entreprises : Cloud dédié
      Qual.IT est un fournisseur de Cloud Computing (IAAS et PAAS) proposant des solutions Cloud innovantes, flexibles et sécurisées.
      • Google+: 110949155709514911135
      • Last time updated: 30/05/2016
      • Expected expiration: 28/06/2017
      • Date of registration: 28/06/2012
      Award Winning Web Hosting – DreamHost
      DreamHost is the leader in shared web hosting, vps hosting, dedicated hosting, WordPress hosting, cloud storage and cloud computing. Try us today.
      • Last time updated: 03/11/2016
      • Expected expiration: 02/11/2017
      • Date of registration: 03/11/1998
      Cloud Computing Today – The industry's keenest insights on all news related to contemporary cloud computing
      The industry's keenest insights on all news related to contemporary cloud computing
      • Last time updated: 19/09/2016
      • Expected expiration: 15/07/2018
      • Date of registration: 15/07/2011
      Cloud Standards Customer Council | CSCC
      The Cloud Standards Customer Council is an end user advocacy group dedicated to accelerating cloud's successful adoption. Discover cloud computing best practices.
      • Google Analytics: 58860739-1
      • Last time updated: 28/01/2017
      • Expected expiration: 29/03/2019
      • Date of registration: 29/03/2011
      Cloud Computing Awards & SaaS Awards 2017-18
      The Cloud Awards celebrate excellence in cloud computing and SaaS across the US, EMEA and Australia: enter today and promote your successes in cloud computing.
      • Google Analytics: 5438050-7
      • Last time updated: 27/05/2016
      • Expected expiration: 03/06/2017
      • Date of registration: 03/06/2011
      • Last time updated: 18/04/2017
      • Expected expiration: 09/03/2018
      • Date of registration: 09/03/2017
      Zipeg - free app to open ZIP and RAR for Mac and Windows
      Zipeg is free application for opening ZIP and RAR files on Mac and Windows. Zipeg helps to open RAR or ZIP archive, to find the right files inside the archive and to unpack them. Zipeg is world's simplest unzip utility that supports password protected and multipart zip and rar files. Zipeg makes it easy to open and zip and rar files for quick, efficient, and secure unpacking and exploring.
      • Google Analytics: 1092687-1
      • Last time updated: 25/01/2017
      • Expected expiration: 25/01/2018
      • Date of registration: 25/01/2006
      SaaS Blog - Chaotic Flow by Joel York - Cloud Blog
      SaaS blog / Cloud blog by Joel York on SaaS marketing, SaaS sales, SaaS model and SaaS metrics and cloud computing for Internet software startup executives at
      • Google Analytics: 6652382-1
      • Last time updated: 20/11/2016
      • Expected expiration: 19/11/2017
      • Date of registration: 19/11/2007
      Layanan Komputasi Awan Cepat, Tanpa Ribet, Tanpa Mahal
      Layanan vps dan web hosting terbaik dengan harga murah di Indonesia. CloudKilat memberikan layanan cloud computing dengan berbagai paket pilihan sesuai dengan keinginan Anda.
      • Google Analytics: 41739687-1
      • Last time updated: 09/11/2016
      • Expected expiration: 24/11/2017
      • Date of registration: 24/11/2012
      Cloud Computing America
      • Google Analytics: 173333-5
      • Last time updated: 21/09/2016
      • Expected expiration: 18/09/2017
      • Date of registration: 18/09/2009 / specs for every apple computer, established 1996
      A brief history of the company that changed the computing world forever. Includes specifications, a description and pictures of every Apple computer ever made.
      • ID for Google Adsense: ca-pub-8549746896419675
      • Google Analytics: 1105210-1
      • Last time updated: 12/03/2017
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      • Date of registration: 23/12/1997
      • Last time updated: 08/05/2017
      • Expected expiration: 07/05/2018
      • Date of registration: 07/05/2016
      Cloud Computing – DreamHost
      DreamCompute is Cloud Computing at Its Best. On Demand, Virtual Cloud Servers For Entrepreneurs and Developers are Unlimited, Scalable and Affordable.
      • Last time updated: 24/11/2016
      • Expected expiration: 23/11/2017
      • Date of registration: 23/11/2011
      HighTechDad™ - ...where technology and fatherhood collide...
      HighTechDad (Michael Sheehan) is a dad who reviews technology products and writes about consumer electronics, cloud computing, software, hardware and various tips and tricks related to gadgets & being a parent. He is a tech & digital influencer, content producer, journalist, writer, father and husband – High Tech Dad
      • Google+: +MichaelSheehan
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      • Google Analytics: 176406-7
      • Last time updated: 05/10/2016
      • Expected expiration: 05/10/2017
      • Date of registration: 05/10/2004
      Horizon Chase
      Horizon Chase is a modern take on the 90s old-school racers that we loved the most such as Out Run or Top Gear. The game features unique art direction, with a bright and colorful palette that mixes low-poly environments and highly detailed 2D backgrounds. Controls are very straightforward and comfortable, providing an exciting arcade experience. Composed by Barry Leitch (Top Gear, Lotus and Rush series), the soundtrack is uniquely techno-inspired and energetic. What really sets Horizon Chase apart from other racing games is the blend of its arcade style and the strong sense of actual exploration and discovery that the player feels through its many and quite diverse circuits, many of them dominated by natural landscapes.
      • Google Analytics: 66552312-1
      • Last time updated: 19/08/2015
      • Expected expiration: 24/04/2018
      • Date of registration: 24/04/2015
      MakkhiChoose | A Brain For Your Browser
      • Google Analytics: 56704674-1
      • Last time updated: 28/12/2016
      • Expected expiration: 27/12/2017
      • Date of registration: 27/12/2012 Exploring the History, Science, and Consequences of the Atomic Bomb
      The Atomic Archive explores the complex history surrounding the invention of the atomic bomb. Follow a timeline that takes you down the path of our nuclear past to the present. Read biographies of A-bomb father Robert Oppenheimer and Enrico Fermi's dispassionate account of the Trinity Test. Examine maps of the damage to Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and summaries of arms-control treaties. You'll also find an excellent gallery of photographs and historical footage.
      • Google Analytics: 371026-1
      • Last time updated: 10/06/2016
      • Expected expiration: 09/06/2017
      • Date of registration: 10/06/1998 - Canada's Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
      We are Canada's cloud, a regional Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Canadian owned and operated cloud computing services.
      • Google+: +CloudCaCanadaCloud
      • Last time updated: 29/12/2016
      • Expected expiration: 17/06/2018
      • Date of registration: 17/06/2003
      Edge Cloud - On the edge of cloud computing
      A blog by Christian Elsen on virtualization, networking and cloud computing.
      • Google+: +ChristianElsen
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      • Google Analytics: 39076327-2
      • Last time updated: 06/05/2017
      • Expected expiration: 06/05/2018
      • Date of registration: 06/05/2013
      Cloud Four
      We design and develop responsive websites and progressive web apps.
      • Google Analytics: 3114940-1
      • Last time updated: 27/09/2016
      • Expected expiration: 26/09/2017
      • Date of registration: 26/09/2007
      The Cloud Computing info
      Technology for New Generation. Cloud computing is the new platform and easy to use for cyber life. It provides computation, platform, equipment, data access and storage services.
      • ID for Google Adsense: ca-pub-9188112893841812
      • Last time updated: 09/01/2017
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      • Date of registration: 19/09/2011
      • Last time updated: 25/04/2017
      • Expected expiration: 07/03/2018
      • Date of registration: 07/03/2016
      Unlock your cloud superpowers. Learn and test your skills
      Looking for a cloud computing certification? Become part of a great community! Test your skills and get cloud computing certifications, including Amazon EC2 and S3!
      • Google+: +Cloudacademy
      • Last time updated: 06/08/2015
      • Expected expiration: 01/09/2020
      • Date of registration: 01/09/2008
      sfgirlbybay / bohemian modern style from a san francisco girl
      sfgirlbybay is a san francisco based design and lifestyle blog ,known for representing ‘bohemian modern style’ and for showcasing the freshest designers,
      • Google Analytics: 559400-2
      • Last time updated: 05/10/2016
      • Expected expiration: 04/10/2017
      • Date of registration: 04/10/2006
      • Last time updated: 01/05/2017
      Jason Whatson - Software engineer - Web & Mobile development, cloud computing : Sydney, AU; Jason Whatson
      • Google+: 106857033630352795434
      • Google Analytics: 16470249-1
      • Last time updated: 15/08/2016
      • Expected expiration: 01/10/2018
      • Date of registration: 01/10/2010
      Award Winning Web Hosting – DreamHost
      DreamHost is the leader in shared web hosting, vps hosting, dedicated hosting, WordPress hosting, cloud storage and cloud computing. Try us today.
      • Last time updated: 23/09/2016
      • Expected expiration: 22/09/2017
      • Date of registration: 23/09/1997
      Anton Teterine – IT Consultant
      Anton Teterine, Mac and Apple Consultant, based in Vancouver, Canada, specializes in IT Consulting for small to large size business. Wherever you need help implementing Kerio Email Server, cloud computing or your existing IT infrastructure reviewed, Anton Teterine can help you achieve your IT needs within budget and on-time. Anton has experience working in media, event planning and higher education industries and can easily adopt to your business. Apple Server Open Directory integration with Microsoft Active Directory, mobile devices management, virtualization, network security are just few IT consulting services offered. Based in Vancouver Canada, but flexible to remotely work or travel to other parts of the world.
      • Google Analytics: 180031-20
      • Last time updated: 25/07/2016
      • Expected expiration: 24/07/2017
      • Date of registration: 24/07/2007
      CeraNet | Data Center Solutions | Cloud Computing | Hosting Services
      CeraNet in Columbus, Ohio offers a variety of data center solutions, including hosting, secure Cloud storage, IT support & more. True Hybrid Cloud Computing
      • Google Analytics: 218388-3
      • Last time updated: 22/05/2016
      • Expected expiration: 20/08/2017
      • Date of registration: 21/08/1997
      Compare the Cloud | Cloud Computing Articles, News, Videos, Podcasts
      Source for Cloud Computing, IoT, Big Data, Analytics, Social & Tech articles, key commentators, influence in the sector & global #CloudInfluence rankings.
      • Google+: +ComparetheCloudnet
      • Google Analytics: 68022501-1
      • Last time updated: 16/10/2016
      • Expected expiration: 15/10/2017
      • Date of registration: 15/10/2009
      • Last time updated: 01/08/2016
      • Expected expiration: 31/07/2017
      • Date of registration: 31/07/2008
      Comarch Cloud - chmura dla małych i średnich firm
      Comarch Cloud to kompleksowa oferta oprogramowania w modelu cloud computing dla jednoosobowych, małych i średnich firm.
      • Google Analytics: 49598463-1
      Kpop Snaps! | Kpop Celebrity Instagram and Weibo Archiver
      Combined automatic feeds for Kpop Celebrities and their official social media accounts on Instagram and Weibo.
      • ID for Google Adsense: ca-pub-2479037777901825
      • Google Analytics: 44069858-1
      • Last time updated: 24/09/2016
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      • Date of registration: 24/09/2013
      • ID for Google Adsense: ca-pub-1715654063688473
      • Google Analytics: 22990612-11
      • Last time updated: 18/04/2016
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      • Date of registration: 17/04/2013
      Cloud Computing Price Comparison | Cloudorado - Find Best Cloud Server from Top Cloud Computing Companies
      Your free cloud consultant. Find the best cloud computing provider for your price and feature needs. No search, no calculator, no effort. Just set cloud server requirements and feature filters to get perfectly matching offer from top cloud computing providers in seconds.
      • AddThis Identification: ra-4df779192e979885
      • Google Analytics: 23778995-1
      • Last time updated: 23/04/2015
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      • Date of registration: 27/04/2011
      Tab Snooze
      Tab Snooze extension for Google Chrome lets you put off tabs until later and returns them to your browser automatically, so you can focus on what's important now
      • Google Analytics: 3320093-4
      • Last time updated: 19/12/2016
      • Expected expiration: 19/12/2017
      • Date of registration: 19/12/2014
      Homepage - Ian Lewis
      Ian Lewis is a web developer living in Tokyo Japan. His current interests are in Go, Python, Cloud Computing, alternative databases, and rapid web application development.
      • Google+: 103970721692220852299
      • Google Analytics: 2149299-1
      • Last time updated: 21/07/2016
      • Expected expiration: 20/07/2018
      • Date of registration: 20/07/2005
      Welcome at
      This site is dictated to cloud client computing together with IGEL Technology based thin clients and all major cloud/virtualization solutions coming from Citrix, VMWare, Microsoft and other brands. is an independent information source and is not sponsored by or related to a company. All informations, applications or whitepaper provided by can be used free of charge in general including the use of our forum. If you want to donate this is welcome but this will not have any impact on our content at all. Feel free to contact us if you have any question related to our site.
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      • Last time updated: 30/01/2017
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      • Date of registration: 29/01/2012
      Define The Cloud — Cloud Computing and Data Center Technology
      Cloud Computing and Data Center Technology
      • Google Analytics: 16571089-3
      • Last time updated: 08/04/2016
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      • Date of registration: 25/05/2010
      • Last time updated: 06/11/2016
      • Expected expiration: 25/07/2017
      • Date of registration: 25/07/2010
      Pointy - Be Found Locally
      Pointy gets your store online, automatically. It's simple and quick to set up. All you need is a barcode scanner.
      • Google Analytics: 44853048-1
      • Last time updated: 26/12/2014
      • Expected expiration: 28/07/2019
      • Date of registration: 29/07/1997
      GeneraWeb | Web y herramientas
      En GeneraWeb desarrollamos proyectos basados en tecnologías estándar con propuestas que puedan marcar una diferencia de valor agregado para nuestros clientes
      • Google+: 107601689305868799481
      • Google Analytics: 28048672-1
      • Last time updated: 18/07/2016
      • Expected expiration: 10/07/2017
      • Date of registration: 10/07/2009
      FIT2CLOUD - 业界领先的云管理平台(CMP)
      FIT2CLOUD 是业界领先的云管理平台(CMP)提供商,帮助企业管好云资源、控好云成本、用好云服务,更好地使用云和持续交付来加速业务创新,实现数字化转型和“Fit to Cloud”的愿景。
      • Last time updated: 08/05/2017
      • Expected expiration: 12/11/2026
      • Date of registration: 12/11/2012
      Home - KDW Cloud Computing
      A KDW é um provedor de serviços gerenciados, que desde 2011 atua exclusivamente com soluções na nuvem pública da Amazon, Google e Azure.
      • Last time updated: 01/11/2013
      • Expected expiration: 08/11/2017
      • Date of registration: 08/11/2001
      Clever Cloud - IT Automation Platform - The Ultimate Developers' Efficiency Platform
      Clever Cloud provides an IT Automation Platform for developers with bulletproof infrastructure, auto-scaling, fair pricing and an awesome support.
      • Expected expiration: 30/07/2017
      ThingM is a ubiquitous computing device studio. Here, networked electronics meet user experience design in products for everyday problem solving and self-expression.
      • Last time updated: 18/02/2017
      • Expected expiration: 17/02/2018
      • Date of registration: 17/02/2006
      WeeklyVoice | Breaking News - Canadian News – Top Stories
      WeeklyVoice, your trusted source for latest news and updates. Get to know what’s happening across the world. Top stories in Entertainment, Business, Tech, Health and more.
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      • Google Analytics: 16792920-1
      • Last time updated: 16/09/2016
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      • Date of registration: 08/12/1999 - KriBlog is a technical website for technical people. The Objective of this site is to conclude or summarized the discussion on various day to day software development problems. This site also provide the tutorial on C, C++, Java, j2ee, Jsp, Servlet, Spring, Hibernate, Shell Script, Dos etc. Kriblog also give a platform to technical people to write and publish their article to millions of users
      • Google+: 108504393922742167596
      • Google Analytics: 47731329-1
      • Last time updated: 31/03/2016
      • Expected expiration: 03/11/2018
      • Date of registration: 03/11/2012
      Jumptuit™ Official Site‎
      Jumptuit makes your data searchable, actionable and flow freely across cloud services and smart devices.
      • Last time updated: 09/02/2017
      • Expected expiration: 08/02/2018
      • Date of registration: 08/02/2011
      Hostbasket is the hosting and cloud computing offer of Telenet.
      Outsource your IT infrastructure and software with confidence and without investment so you can fully concentrate on your core business. That's what Hostbasket offers you building on years of experience.
      • Date of registration: 20/12/2000
      LeaseWeb | Global Hosted Infrastructure and Cloud Computing
      LeaseWeb is an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider offering dedicated servers, CDN and cloud hosting on a global network.
      • Last time updated: 10/07/2006
      • Expected expiration: 29/07/2017
      • Date of registration: 29/07/2002
      Hello | Move-O-Scope
      MOVE-O-SCOPE gathers the data that you've accumulated within the Moves app and displays it on a map so that you can see many weeks' worth of activity all at once. MOVE-O-SCOPE allows you to filter your activity history by date, day of week, and time of day.
      • Google Analytics: 10238340-12
      • Last time updated: 03/07/2016
      • Expected expiration: 02/07/2017
      • Date of registration: 02/07/2015
      Godless Spellchecker's Blog | Home of Stephen Knight and The #GSPodcast
      • Last time updated: 07/05/2016
      • Expected expiration: 06/05/2017
      • Date of registration: 06/05/2014 - Cloud computing ERP, CRM, POS, e-Shop
      Cloud ERP software as a service: Small Business Accounting Software, e-commerce Webshop , POS system, Online Accounting Program, Online Inventory, Online Invoicing Program, Orders, Online POS system, Marketing CRM.
      • Google+: +ExpertaccountsERP
      • Google Analytics: 62115904-1
      • Last time updated: 30/01/2017
      • Expected expiration: 29/01/2018
      • Date of registration: 29/01/2010
      IndonesianCloud : The #1 Best Cloud Provider In Indonesia
      IndonesianCloud, The #1 Best Cloud Provider in Indonesia offers a full suite of enterprise managed services, cloud computing and cloud applications.
      • Google Analytics: 49202019-1
      • Last time updated: 08/01/2015
      • Expected expiration: 05/10/2017
      • Date of registration: 05/10/2010
      Kernel Insights
      • Google Analytics: 35466609-1
      • Last time updated: 23/08/2016
      • Expected expiration: 22/08/2017
      • Date of registration: 22/08/2011
      SportFish Junkies - Fishing's Social Network
      SportFish junkies is the premiere fishing social network, offering anglers of all levels access to an extensive community of passionate and experienced anglers. Members have access to thousands of fishing maps and countless resources to make every time on the water a success!
      • Google+: 106261461480242698351
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      • Google Analytics: 43163948-1
      • Last time updated: 27/07/2016
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      • Date of registration: 26/07/2013
      What We Are About - Happy Family Art
      Happy Family Art: Check out what's new at happy family art. Here are our latest adventures: NJ Travels With Kids, Crafts, Books And Some Fun Projects.
      • Google+: 108734566373354352626
      • Google Analytics: 46796898-1
      • Last time updated: 07/12/2016
      • Expected expiration: 06/12/2017
      • Date of registration: 06/12/2012
      Eyal Wiener
      Eyal Wiener's Website
      • Google+: +EyalWiener
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      Lean Six Sigma
      Lean Six Sigma Certification,coaching, information and advice on implementation in industries ranging from Aerospace to lean Office.
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      Rex St John | 雷克斯 聖約翰 - Hardware, Software, The Cloud, Things
      Hardware, Software, The Cloud, Things
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      Сообщество разработчиков OpenStack
      OpenStack – open source проект по разработке платформы, позволяющей строить частные и публичные «облака» (cloud computing).
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      RedSo, the Mobile App Development team focusing on UX/UI Design
      Specialized in iOS / Android Mobile App development and UX/UI Design, we provides solutions for Content Management System, Web Accessibility, and Social networks for Niche Communities.
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      Numintec | Numintec. Centralita virtual para empresas en la nube
      Empresa de comunicaciones inteligentes que ofrecemos soluciones corporativas VoIP en tecnología cloud computing para empresas. Voz IP profesional. Telefonia IP
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      Compare Cloud Services
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      Technology solutions that expand efficiency and boost performance. Denver Colorado based firm focused on application development
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      Oracle GoldenGate, PostgreSQL, Greenplum, Virtualization, Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13c
      URimagination Technology Assessment and Planning Services.
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      Cloud Web-Based Point-of-Sale for Smarter Business - Phostersoft
      Gazelle Point-of-Sale is a cloud web-based POS and inventory software. We have native iPad app, native Android app and offline support. Free POS desktop version available.
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      John's Personality Test
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